Ritva Westenius

Ritva Westenius has been at the forefront of bridal design for over 35 years in which time she has grown to iconic status in the industry.

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Award-winning wedding dresses

Ritva Westenius’ designs focus on a timeless elegant style, they are about exquisite fabrics and most importantly a beautiful cut to flatter the female form. Ritva has received a large number of awards across her career including the highly coveted Bridal buyer Best Designer award and her contribution to the wedding industry continues to be recognised. Having just won the Best British Bridal Designer Award 2012, she has produced a diverse collection of designs that show the many facets of her creative personality.Her current collection is a breathtaking blend of  luxurious fabrics and her world class talent for designing flattering dresses that fit perfectly.

Ritvas’ motto ‘cut not clutter’ is evident in the fabulous lines of the full skirted, beautiful and delicate Hepburn gown through to the slinky and seductive Gatsby.

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